Creative & brand management studio
Topologies is a branding studio that I co-founded with Thomas Laisney (brand strategist). We do brand creation and brand management.
We work with our clients from the initial strategy phase to the brand identity design, art direction and final production of the brand touchpoints.
Our involvement goes beyond the production process. We stand for the long run. We share and finally pass on our expertise to our clients so that they can manage their brand. This is how we co-manage several brands. 
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Front & back black & white business cards with logo, brand symbol and contact infos
Black & white iPhone cases with Topologies brand symbol
White t-shirt with embroidered brand symbol
Man wearing a white t-shirt with embroidered brand symbol
White sweatshirt with embroidered brand symbol
Man carrying a tote bag with Topologies logo and identity element
Black matches box with identity element
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