Real estate developer
Nacarat, a well established French real estate developer, asked us for a rebranding counter-proposal. While its executive team approached its longstanding creative agency, its Chief Communications Officer had consulted us. We were willing to take the challenge.
Nacarat's former logo had been displayed for 11 years. Even if it didn't catch the eyes of its external audience, it created emotional value for employees. Therefore, as soon as we took the brief, we had one conviction: the change of Nacarat's logo should be an evolution rather than a total rupture.
In fact, Nacarat's brand symbol was too complex. In most cases, a good logo is a simple one; greatest designers agree on the subject. So we knew we had to find the best way to simplify the brand symbol. A "lifting" duty, as we call it.
For us, lifting the red leaf was the most efficient thing to do.
Animation of the color variations and different formats of the Nacarat logo
Morphing animation from Nacarat's former logo to the new one
Animation of the fonts used for the Nacarat project
Five different colored folders with project names, stacked with the Nacarat brand symbol on the front
A red folder open to a page showing text with a black and white image of a building by Nacarat
Hand holding a red transparent business card with white infos
Two letterheads with the Nacarat logo, text and signature
Building facade with embossed Nacarat logo
Trois affiches alignées sur un mur en béton dans la rue avec un poteau au premier plan
Tarpaulin on a scaffold with a black and white image of apartments made by Nacarat, on a beige background with black text and red Nacarat logo
Red poster hanging in an office
Laptop showing the homepage of the Nacarat website
Smartphone showing Nacarat's Instagram account
White construction helmet with red brand symbol on concrete
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