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Street As A Mirror
Street As A Mirror is the first book of the Greek photographer Stavros Stamatiou, with a foreword by Stella Johnson and Ermis Kasapis. Over 120 photographs show how reality connects with fantasy.
Of A Different Stripe
Of A Different Stripe is the second book of the American photographer and filmmaker Max Sturgeon, with an introduction by Vineet Vohra. Over 120 images show how two cultures meet halfway and become aware of one another through contrast and juxtaposition.
Mareterno is the first book by the Italian street photography duo Lorenzo Catena and Valeria Tofanelli, with an introduction by Melissa Breyer. 160 picturesque photographs unfold the secrets at the margins of Rome, far away from the Eternal City as we know it.
Dreams The Black Sea 
Dreams The Black Sea is the second book of the Turkish documentary photographer Suzan Pektas, with an introduction by Gulnara Samoilova. 127 images shed a light on intimate narratives taking place every day on the coasts of the Black Sea.
In Color In Japan
In Color In Japan is the debut book of the award-winning street photographer Shin Noguchi, with an introduction by Chuck Patch. 158 powerful images tell the story of everyday public and private life in Japan.​​​​​​​
The Flow Of The Lines
The Flow Of The Lines is the second book by the celebrated street photographer Siegfried Hansen, with an introduction by David Gibson. 147 beautifully composed images aim to tell the narrative of this abstract world.
Serendipity is the first monograph by the acclaimed Indian street photographer Vineet Vohra, with an introduction by Muhammed Muheisen. 160 colourful images show us an India made of beautifully random juxtapositions.​​​​​​​
Almost Real
Almost Real is the debut book of the Italian street photographer Francesco Sembolini, with an introduction by Richard Bram. ​​​​​​​161 colourful images represent the three dimensions of reality with intense graphic awareness.
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