With the mission to bring back and share the flavour in our plates, Goûter has several variations:
→ A cooking magazine: several chefs and cooking professionals share their best recipes according to the theme of each issue.
→ A mobile app: a sort social network focused on flavour. Thousands of people share their recipes and tips with the community: they are the "taste seekers".
→ In this process, Goûter went even further: to make guides to different countries around the world: with their tear-off pages, they allow the "taste seekers" to wander around and discover a country while finding the best flavours: markets, cheesemakers, fisheries, butchers, etc. For each destination, you can also fill out your best locations and choose to share it with others, or keep it to yourself.
The logo was made with a custom typeface, Gouter Display, which was specifically designed for this project. It's also used for the menus of the websites, or certain titles. The "Goût-ez", "Goût-ons", "Goût-e" variations have a straightforward graphic principle: the dash under the "er" of Goûter will be transformed to include the corresponding ending for each mission.
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